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Outside The Bubble

Jan 24, 2019

In this episode of Outside The Bubble Joanna Bull chats with Christine Kotik a ADHD coach. A former teacher, Christine now coaches individuals with ADHD, as a mother of four, an adult woman with ADHD, and a former educator at a school for students who learn differently; she is passionate about empowering individuals of all ages to unravel their struggles in the classroom, at home, with peers and also at work.

Through this interview Joanna is reminded of best practices such as modeling using the fishbowl, the reason for using handouts instead of only online resources, not teaching to the bell, backwards planning, staggered due dates and self-intervention.

Christine schools Joanna on the difference between ADHD and disrespectful behavior and gives practical strategies for inviting students to re-engage with the learning environment after emotional hyperarousal has occurred.

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