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Outside The Bubble

Dec 6, 2018

In Episode 14 Joanna Bull interviews Stephanie Zito, a business coach, guiding [female] entrepreneurs toward living their passion with prosperity. Joanna learns about Stephanie's humbling experience as a volunteer teacher trainer in Uganda. Joanna is reminded of her time in Africa and connects with Stephanie’s image “imagine a teacher with 1 piece of chalk...we are so privileged with what we have at our fingertips.” Joanna learns about the world of Wilderness Therapy and the stick with-it-ness and resiliency troubled teens learn in order to literally make a fire in order to eat cooked food.

Stephaine is offering a free strategy session for listeners and can connect here:



Safer skincare on a mission:


A Few of Joanna’s Favourite Quotes

  • That lit my heart on fire.
  • I had to gain trust and respect from the communities.
  • These kids didn’t have birthday cake, they didn’t have candles, there was just no frame of reference.
  • Let’s just start with getting electricity in the school
  • We were grateful for markers, but where does the trash go?
  • It was on me to get the motivation to do my work.
  • There’s something to be said for stepping back and listening to the landscape and hearing people.
  • We all want to be heard.
  • It’s 100% helping someone solve a problem.
  • Go under the surface of the iceberg.
  • We can be the anger, be the emotion or we can process it.
  • They didn’t get to be part of the group; they sat on the outside of the circle...I don’t have to be anything or do anything for anybody - it took the pressure off.