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Outside The Bubble

Nov 22, 2018

On Episode 13 of Outside The Bubble Joanna Bull interviews Matt Reilly. Matt is a Category Manager at Metro Inc, a leading grocery retailer in Ontario & Quebec. He is responsible for the overall management of the Deli, Cheese and Home Meal Replacement Categories as well as the in-store Starbucks Business.

Matt explains why after completing his University degree he took a different path in life; he outlines his career journey, the struggles of rising too fast and maybe getting a bit of an inflated ego, the importance of mentorship, employee loyalty, risk-taking, what innovation means in the food industry and how it’s all about relationships even when you don’t think it is.

Joanna asks Matt how his B.F.A benefits his work in business and Matt share the new learnings that come with launching our own business-including the discovery that he actually is a bit of an introvert.


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Favourite Quotes from the Episode:

“It’s about taking every opportunity that comes your way and making it the best it can be”

“No one had nice things to say about me”

“It would have been easy for them to give up on me but they really did believe in me”

“I realized I didn’t know as much as I thought I knew”

“It’s about how you handle it and how you can learn from it”

“They know what they’re doing and I know what I’m doing, but if you can bridge that gap and speak the same language it’s a universal understanding”

“If I ever came into money and didn’t need to work I’d still do this kinda thing”

“If it’s successful it’s really about the efforts you’ve put into it”

“The #1 thing is to take a chance”

“Every bad experience I’ve had I’ve tapped into and it’s been the fuel going forward”

“People that have a design background take a little bit more care in what they are doing”

“You get that anxiety when you’re not immediately connected”