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Outside The Bubble

Oct 11, 2018

What is disruptive tech and why do we as educators need to, not only care about it but help our students understand and navigate the ever-changing landscape? In Episode 10 Joanna Bull speaks with Candice Faktor about the importance of curiosity and how technology is changing the employment and skills landscape. Joanna learns that we need to start small and slow down in order to scale up and ultimately see exponential growth. Candice challenges Joanna to think about how students are using technology, and Joanna learns that the tools to create a spaceship to travel to space or literally cure cancer are available to anyone (including herself) if you know where to look and how to utilize them.

Favorite quotes from this episode:

You can literally crowdfund from people sitting across the world  

I’m very concerned we’re wasting so much of our time on meaningless things

The barriers to creation have been demonetized

Anybody can create literally create the cure for cancer right now

We are living in an attention economy

You don’t need to choose what you want to do - you need to start

Attention is our greatest capital

Get real curious about how we solve problems in the world

In school, we are focused on executing not asking