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Outside The Bubble

Nov 8, 2018

In Episode 12 Joanna interviews Zak Soliman.  Zack is an artificial intelligence researcher at the University of Montreal specializing in natural language processing. His current research interests are unsupervised document clustering, sentiment analysis, and information extraction from text documents.


Joanna learns it’s hard to ask questions that front end users will understand! We learn about  Zak as a student, what he had to teach himself in order to become a successful student, the processes he uses when learning and studying and what exactly Natural Language Processing does.


Joanna’s favourite quote from the interview “It seems complicated to understand which got me interested.”


Zak has shared loads of resources to supplement the conversation:


The Feynman technique:


The pomodoro technique:


Cal Newport's "Study Hacks" Blog:


Better Explained, a blog that explains various mathematical concepts in a very intuitive way. Mostly focused on Calculus:


Stories about technologists that follows a non-traditional career path:


Jeremy Kun's blog. The intersection of math and computer science. Presents math concepts in an interesting way with fun programming projects:


Matt Might' blog. For people interested in a career in academia. Mostly focused on computer science grads. Very valuable information.