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Outside The Bubble

May 2, 2019

In Episode 24 of Outside The Bubble I interview Stephanie Kelmar the Founder & Editor of KidNuz, the first-ever daily news podcast for kids. Stephanie is a 2-time Emmy Award winning news producer with over two decades of journalism experience. She has written and produced content for multiple broadcast and online platforms. She earned her Honors Degree in Rhetoric at UC Berkeley. Stephanie lives in Palo Alto with her husband and two children.


In this episode we discuss:

  • What KidNuz is
  • Why it’s important kids have a newcast all their own
  • How the idea for KidNuz was developed
  • The target audience
  • Topics covered
  • How to utilize KidNuz as a parent and teacher
  • Using KidNuz as a starting point for classroom inquiry
  • Collaborative working environments
  • Journalism skills
  • Rhetoric, pathos. And ethos