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Outside The Bubble

May 16, 2019

In Episode 26 I share the 8 wellness strategies, tools, and techniques I’ve implemented since being a certified Wellness Coach.

In this episode I’ll go over the 4 body systems:






The 12 principles for beginning a wellness journey:

  1. Seek
  2. Remain open hearted and open minded
  3. Be willing to question your ideas, definitions and beliefs and let go of the ones that no longer serve you
  4. Be intentional
  5. Do all that you can do, only do your best each day, nothing more and nothing less
  6. Doing at least 10% is better than doing nothing - all things in balance
  7. Start where you are
  8. Take one step at a time
  9. Do it with love
  10. Get connected with others who appreciate personal growth and self-development
  11. Keep going
  12. Celebrate every small victory


The 8 Strategies I’m actively using:

  1. See, Hear and Feel Mindfulness Meditation
  2. Loving Kindness Meditation
  3. Add/Reduce Model
  4. I Am Enough
  5. Breathing and Noticing
  6. Binaural Beats
  7. Habit Stacking
  8. Date with Self


Resources mentioned:

James Clear: Atomic Habits

Marisa Peer: The Biggest Disease Affecting Humanity: “I’m Not Enough"