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Outside The Bubble

Jun 13, 2019

I appreciate you and everything you do for kids!

In episode 27 of Outside The Bubble I chat with Diana Z about why what you’re experiencing isn’t burnout - it’s demoralization. Diana goes over the 5 components of demoralization and gives practical strategies that I wish I knew about years ago.

In this episode, I get very personal and share a time in my teaching career that wasn’t a positive time in my life. I wish I had someone like Diana to turn during that time.

Diana’s mission is to catalyze the creation of a corps of unstoppable, fired up teachers who are free of the weight of demoralizing BS that surrounds education today. If you are feeling uninspired, unmotivated, unsupported or underappreciated please reach out to myself or Diana so we can guide you through this season of life.

The 5 Components of Demoralization  

1: You lack power and control over what happens

2: Being required to do things you don’t think you should do

3: Being asked too much

4: Conflict

5: Feeling like you’re stuck with no alternatives


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